The story behind Princeton Audubon Flags and Towels ...

Princeton Audubon Limited, the progenitor of Princeton Audubon Flags and Towels, was founded in 1985 by the late David Johnson, a collector of superb Audubon originals who also founded Princeton Polychrome Press - the paramount printing company at that time. The company, now sold, achieved an enviable nationwide reputation by reproducing fine art prints for the National Gallery of Art, National Portrait Gallery, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, and The Detroit Institute of Arts. The finest reproductions of Picasso and Andrew Wythe that you occasionally see on the market today were produced by Princeton. 

At the zenith of Dave Johnson’s career and using exceptional artistic resources, he re-created the actual originals from his world-renowned personal collection. Using the direct-camera technique that he pioneered, along with over sized Kodak film with its infinite retention of detail, he produced these award-winning one-of-a-kind re-creations. 

Princetons were directly produced from the original Audubon/Havell antique engravings. Instead of working from a small photograph, the actual originals (from Sotheby's or other auction houses) were used. They were brought into the printing plant. These originals themselves were then carefully mounted before a giant wall-mounted bellows process camera, with film the same size as the print. Then the exact image was captured on the same size film, and the large, exact image could then be transferred to mechanical printing plates, without any loss of detail. Hence the Princeton Edition was created.

Under license from Princeton Audubon Limited, we at Princeton Audubon Flags and Towels are proud to continue a tradition of excellence in reproducing the unmatched Audubon wall art of the Princeton Edition using our own unique process. Now, our towels can be appreciated in numerous venues of activity – golf courses, resorts, birding tours and trails, in the home and more. Simply put, our flags and towels transform the mundane items of a sports towel and garden flag into true works of art.

Today the effects of global warming and subsequent climate change seriously endanger the existence of our birds, other wildlife and the world's natural resources. We hope that the beautiful images from Audubon's Birds of America on our flags and towels will be a continuous reminder of the concentrated human efforts that are necessary to save our planet.

Thank you for purchasing the products of Princeton Audubon Flags and Towels.

Andrew J. Boneparth, President